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Airwork Flight Operations holds a number of certifications which reflect our world-leading, in-house expertise and comprehensive service offering in fixed wing engineering and flight operations.

In New Zealand the regulator of the aviation industry is the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZCAA) that is enacted by the Civil Aviation Act 1990. The Civil Aviation Amendment Act 1992 provides the rules and regulations that the NZCAA applies to all aviation activities in New Zealand. Under the Act, Airwork Flight Operations has applied for and been granted a number of certifications.

These certificates are audited by the NZCAA on an annual basis and a re-entry audit is conducted every five years for each certificate.

The current NZCAA certifications held by Airwork Flight Operations are:

  • Part 119: Air Operations Certification, Fixed Wing
  • Part 121: Air Operations, Large Aircraft, Fixed Wing
  • Part 125: Air Operations, Medium Aircraft, Fixed Wing
  • Part 135: Air Operations, Light Aircraft, Fixed Wing
  • Part 141: Aviation Training Organisation, Fixed Wing Pilot
  • Part 145: Aircraft Maintenance Organisation and Training, Fixed Wing